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Sunghee Park

PhD with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport

“When you first come to the UK as an international student you don’t know many things but the people at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport and across the University are so helpful and friendly which made it easy to settle in.

“My supervisor is one of the leading experts in my research area which attracted me to come to Stirling. I hope my research can help my fellow athletes and I would like to develop an education programme to prepare athletes for their career transitions, while also helping them to develop a good life balance.

“It is exciting to come to Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence. There are some of the best, if not the best, sports facilities at any UK university which is important not just for playing sport but also if you need elite athletes for your studies.

“I really like the campus and loved walking around the loch every day. I loved living in Stirling – it’s a peaceful place with lots of history and lots of beautiful countryside. It has been a special experience.”

Sunghee Park, from Korea, completed a PhD with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport in July 2012. A former professional tennis player, Sunghee’s research considered athletes retiring from sport.

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