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Margarita (Maria) Posada Falomir

MSc Sport Nutrition

Researching and being a part of the University of Stirling has given me the opportunity to work and learn from such admirable professors like Kevin Tipton, Stuart Galloway and Oliver Witard. I know that this is already changing the way I conceive my present and my future. As a founding member of the Mexican Sports Nutrition Federation my degree of Masters in Sports Nutrition from Stirling University has given me professional recognition among my peers and associates which I consider very valuable.

I feel very blessed and grateful to be part of the Stirling family, which has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge. I have already experienced some benefits and I am sure many more opportunities for future growth are coming my way.

Margarita (Maria) Posada's Story

Margarita (Maria) Posada Falomir from Mexico completed an MSc Sport Nutrition in 2017. Having worked in Clinical Nutrition for many years, Maria had the opportunity to start working with a professional football team. She wanted to expand her knowledge in sports nutrition to help these professional athletes. In 2008, she attended the American College of Sports Medicine Congress and had the opportunity to meet the best researchers and professors in the field, including Stirling's Kevin Tipton, Professor of Sport, Health and Exercise. This led her to taking a degree with the University of Stirling. Since graduating Maria has started a new sports nutrition programme for injured players at her football club, which includes insights learnt on her Masters degree. As Head of the Sports Nutrition Department, she has also been able to share her learnings with her team of nutritionists.

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