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Lorraine Armstrong

DipHE (Nursing) Adult Branch

I chose to study Nursing as a mature student at Stirling because of its excellent reputation and strong commitment to one of my personal interests; Health Research and Nursing.  The course has allowed me to maintain a comfortable work-life balance and meet a variety of people from all ages.

My confidence has grown throughout the course due to the infinite amount of support structures in place both academically and personally; and the staff are friendly and always willing to help.

I believe the progress in my personal development has been due to the variety of clinical settings that the University have offered and feel confident that my skills and knowledge are of a broad range.

Students studying at Stirling are treated as equals and are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas regularly; I think this mutual respect is what creates the positive student experience and warm atmosphere on and off campus.

Lorraine is due to graduate 2013

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