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Jayne Galinsky

Health Sciences PhD

Jayne's Story

Using her time at Stirling to further a long-held interest in child psychology, Health Sciences graduate Jayne Galinsky is already putting her PhD to good use at Myeloma UK.

Working as a health researcher, Jayne is helping the charity understand more about myeloma and the impact the rare condition has on individuals.

“I’m interested in finding out more about how we can support people with rare conditions, through research”, Jayne said, “My PhD examined the impact of dream fulfilment on children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. I hope I can bring the research skills and insight I acquired to my role within Myeloma UK.”

Jayne previously worked in Richard House Children’s Hospice in London. It was this experience that spurred her on to know more about the effect life-threatening and rare conditions have on children and families.

Whilst at Stirling, Jayne worked with children’s charity Dreams Come True and found wish fulfilment can empower seriously ill children and their families.

She said: “My supervisors really supported me throughout my studies – writing such a large amount of text was initially incredibly daunting and I felt like I almost learnt to write all over again, but it was incredibly satisfying to feel I had overcome some of these challenges.”

Jayne had cause for celebration throughout her three years at the University. She won first prize at the British Psychology Society conference during her first year and had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona to present at a European palliative care conference.

Reflecting on her Stirling journey, Jayne added: “I loved the freedom of my PhD. I could set my own hours and this gave me the chance to do lots of travelling around Scotland - with my dog! I’ll always remember the interesting people I met, the good friends I made, and all of the wildlife on campus. It was amazing to write my thesis in such beautiful surroundings.”

Dr Emma France, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences was one of Jayne’s supervisors. She added: “During her PhD studentship, Jayne was hard-working, efficient, reliable, organised, and flexible in her approach. She has a flair for qualitative analysis and interpretation and excellent interpersonal skills which made her ideal for a studentship which combined academic research with work for the co-funding charity Dreams Come True.”

Jayne received her PhD award on Wednesday 29 June, alongside the first cohort of undergraduate health visitors to graduate from the University.

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