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Christopher Rice

Clinical Doctorate in Nursing

Why did you decide to study a Clinical Doctorate?

I completed an MSc while I was in Liverpool. I wanted to challenge my academic ability just to see if I could do it. I planned to do the first module and see how I got on. That was 4 years ago and I am now on the final years.

What attracted you to studying a Clinical Doctorate at the University of Stirling?

The university has an excellent reputation across the health service. I wanted somewhere that would offer me a challenge, but also remain relevant and support my own clinical practice.

In what areas of your practice do you feel you have improved through the provision of this programme?

The main area for me is the ability to critically reflect on my own clinical practice. Although this is pre requisite for nursing, until I done this course I never truly appreciated how important reflective practice is in supporting clinical practice and the patient journey.

How have you found studying alongside professionals from different specialist backgrounds?

The teaching sessional was aimed generically. This allowed for a multi-professional approach to the session delivery. In my postgraduate teaching so far this has mainly been a single profession. The use of a multi-professional approach allowed my to understand the role of other professions to which I may not usually associate and the ability to network across professions.

What aspects of the programme have you enjoyed the most?

I have never been a fan of research methodology. However, these sessions were informative and made easier to understand by tutors who are actually doing clinical / academic research. The tutor’s ability to make these sessions enjoyable by the varied teaching methods made a potentially difficult subject an enjoyable and informative few days.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying a Clinical Doctorate at the University of Stirling?

The course at times can be difficult trying to balance academia with a social life. However, there is always the flexibility of the teaching staff. They are all very supportive and helpful offering direct advice. If this was something you were thinking of doing, just do it. If you are unsure speak to the course tutors first, you will not be disappointed.

What advantages to your career do you feel having a Doctorate will bring?

The course has allowed me to reflect and change my own clinical practice. This will have a direct correlation to the patient care I deliver. I feel that this doctorate will shape my career In the years to come, with the plan to eventually go back into academic practice.

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