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Muscat graduate stories 2019

A group of graduates are today celebrating their achievements after receiving their degrees from the University of Stirling during a special ceremony at Muscat College in Oman.

Hear from some of our Muscat graduates talking about their experiences studying at the University of Stirling.

Student from Oman

Sulaiman Saud Al Ghammari

Bachelor with Honours, Accountancy and Business Studies

“I work in the Ministry of Health and decided to complete my degree in University of Stirling because it is one of the best choices related to my work in administration. While at Stirling, I enjoyed student activities and events on campus like playing football, and valued the quality of research and resources available.

“The experience was wonderful.”

Student from Muscat, Oman

Raya Taaeep Salem Al Kitani

Bachelors with Honours, Accountancy and Computing Science

"I choose Stirling because it would give me the push to achieve my goals in education – and because for me it is one of the best universities in the world. I chose my course because I like working in computing and maths – and know that accounting and computing is required in the labour market.

“My teachers were always very helpful and gave me best solutions for any problems I had.”

Student from Muscat, Oman

Fathiya Nasser Khaseeb Al Hadrami

Bachelor Degree in Business Computing

“I chose to study at Muscat College with the University of Stirling because it allowed me to gain lots of experience and learn from excellent teachers. Because my course is related to my area of work, it has given me lots of good ideas to help me achieve my aims and goals.

“Our teachers were very helpful and pointed us in the right directions when we need guidance. My experience of computing with the English language was useful when I applied for a job, and I plan to put the knowledge gained during my studies to good use in my career.”

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