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Kumar Sahayaraju

MSc Marine Biotechnology

kumar sahayaraju

Kumar's Story

Originating from a fishing community in South India, Kumar Sahayaraju was drawn to study an MSc Marine Biotechnology at Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture after being impressed with its high profile in the subject.

Kumar, who received the UK Government’s prestigious Chevening Scholarship, appreciated the teaching at Stirling and the student-friendly learning tools – including the opportunity to listen back to lectures on the University portal.

He said: “Stirling is one of the most reputed courses in the area of aquaculture and marine studies. The course enabled critical thinking and laboratory experience with the professors delivering lessons in research and development.

“The language was difficult to understand initially, but the ‘listen again’ tool – and the availability of other study materials – helped me to overcome this challenge. Also, I had access to hundreds of books and research articles through the University library.

”Reflecting on his time at the University, he added: “I am honoured to have received the Chevening Scholarship to study at Stirling. It took me from my home – an indigenous fishing community – to an influential global community, where the diversity of culture meets the ideas of tomorrow.”

Kumar, 25, is now planning to embark upon a PhD and mentor others seeking a career in the marine field, to make a difference to the world.

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