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Kenneth Chang Wei Ze

Kenneth Chang Wei Ze

BA (Hons) Sports Studies and Marketing

Kenneth Chang Wei Ze

Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Chang is celebrating after graduating with a first class degree in BA (Hons) Sports Studies and Marketing at the University of Stirling in Singapore.

He chose Stirling because of its strong sporting heritage and the sports courses on offer.

“I felt that this course was what I needed to expose myself to the business aspect of the sports industry,” he said. “I am passionate about sports and this course will enhance my career prospects.”

In addition to his studies, Kenneth represented SIM GE in football, becoming captain of the team in his final year, and played for a semi-professional club outside of the institute. He also worked as a part-time fitness instructor for a health promotion board, conducting classes with adults and elderly people.

His main challenge at university was balancing his football commitments, studies and part-time work.

“I felt it was important to make full use of the time I had in school as it was only for two years,” he said. “I told myself to just make the best of it and to do my best in everything.”

Kevin, who describes his university experience as “memorable, meaningful and fun”, is now looking for a career in the sports industry or a sports-related field, but is open to options.

“Having done internships in marketing agencies, that was what I started applying for first,” he said. “However, as my search progressed, I realised that there are plenty of other opportunities beyond sports marketing. Currently, I am looking into sports and healthcare as a career too.”

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