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Martynas Paulikas

Software Engineering

What do you see as the benefits of an internship with a smaller organisation?

You are allowed to fully experience each job directly, - thus you learn a lot as well as benefit the company itself. Interns of huge companies (like Microsoft, Google etc.) usually get a project which is not important at all and after internship ends it is considered for keeping or disposing.

Your boss is always there for you. This is a huge merit because you always have somebody to help you with issues and hard decisions as well as allowed to use your creativity if you explain it properly to CEO and he accepts the project. (most usually the case)

What did you enjoy most about the internship and why?

This internship was amazing because it let me to see how much IT and Software Engineering can improve “labour” computer jobs. (Like automate e-mails with personal customer information from doing it manually to 1-click job).

Personally, I learned to apply my skills in the true world and was able to experience E-Commerce business first handed.

How do think the internship has helped towards planning your future career?

I honestly believe that this internship is the starting point which already opened a lot of future prospects in my career. Connections, letters of recommendation, etc. are essential for a person who is just starting his/her career and internship is the way to get that.

What skills do you feel you have gained from the internship?

I got knowledge that most of E-Commerce websites are built on Magento platform which I got pretty good at. I also learned XSLT coding language and had a chance to remember HTML5 with some in-line CSS. Learned to install and configure plugins.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for an internship through this programme next year?

Do not be afraid that you lack knowledge or skills, internships are the opportunities to both learn and exceed your limits.

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