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Laura Devoy


How did you find out about the internship?

I found out about the internship as we knew someone in common and they put us in contact Please tell us more about your internship organisation.

Colour Elements is an established styling team working in London and Scotland which identifies the specific colours of clothes which empowers people to shop quickly and successfully.

What were the main tasks you were involved in during your internship?

I was in charge of contacting people and companies for anything that was needed. For example, we ran a social media competition and it was up to me to acquire the prizes for it. I also had the responsibility of running a bloggers event where we had to get a venue, catering and attendees to come along. The night was a massive success. 

What did you enjoy most about the internship and why?

I enjoyed meeting people and running the blogger event. It was a great opportunity and will look excellent on my CV.

What skills have you gained and further developed from the internship experience?

I learned how to manage my time better and prioritise what needed to be done and when. I am a lot more confident with talking to people, both in person and on the phone, and generally I learned how to handle responsibility in real life working situations.

What were the most beneficial aspects of the Stirling Internship Programme for you?

It gave a taste of what real working life is like. And it gave me a chance to gain experience in an area that I might consider going into when I graduate.

What impact has this internship had on your personal development and your future career planning?

On a personal level, I am more confident when approaching and talking to people now, especially when I am asking for something from them. 

What impact do you feel you have had on the organisation you have worked with?

I think I helped the company have a successful summer and helped spread the word about what Colour Elements does.

What do you see as the benefits of an internship with this type of organisation?

As the company was so small, I got given a lot more responsibility than I think other people might have.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for an internship through this programme next year?

I would say go for it!  An internship is an amazing thing for both you and your CV when it comes to applying for future jobs etc.

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