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Jide Ola


How did you find out about the internship?

I found out about my internship through the Careers and Employability Service vacancy system and also through word of mouth.

Please tell us more about your internship organisation.

SYHA is a third-sector organisation which provides affordable accommodation throughout Scotland.

What were the main tasks you were involved in during your internship?

During my internship I was involved in the marketing plan and strategy, social media marketing, content production and organising, as well as planning and promoting events.

What did you enjoy most about the internship and why?

I enjoyed the fact that I was able to make important decisions during my internship.

What skills have you gained and further developed from the internship experience?

Through my internship experience I have further developed my event planning skills, liaising with external contributors, and strengthened my skills in various aspects of marketing.

What were the most beneficial aspects of the Stirling Internship Programme for you?

The most beneficial aspects of the internship programme were gaining first-hand experience and the opportunity of working in a demanding role.

What impact has this internship had on your personal development and your future career planning?

Through my internship I have improved my confidence in working in a highly demanding professional setting.

What impact do you feel you have had on the organisation you have worked with?

I feel I have made an impact on the organisation by generating new ideas and contributing to the growth of the organisation.

What do you see as the benefits of an internship with this type of organisation?

By working in the 3rd sector, you gain satisfaction in knowing that you are also making a positive impact within the community.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for an internship through this programme next year? 

Apply for as many internships as you can and make sure you tailor your CV and Covering Letter to each internship.

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