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Amy Goode

Marketing and Psychology

Why did you want to do an internship?

To gain some work experience in an industry I love (not necessarily my chosen career path though!) and further my CV.

How did you find out about the placement and what was the selection process like?

I actively sought placement within the company I had chosen as I am a big fan and it has a good reputation. I did not hear of the success of my application until 4 weeks after my application. I was offered two separate dates to start placement.

Who was the internship with?

The internship was with New Musical Express (NME). My mentor was one of the senior editors (at the time) Jamie Fullerton. I love his writing style and we were given the opportunity to review certain pieces of music and gain feedback from our assigned mentor.

What was it like?

This was an excellent job, as part of the role we were given the opportunity to see various bands in London (as long as we provided a review!). I had the opportunity to work with several members of the editorial team and helped source and write contributions for the online website, special editions of the magazine as well as the weekly magazine.

What was the objective of the internship placement, how long was it?

I spent two weeks working in a busy magazine department. I was lucky enough to be involved in two editions of the magazine along with a special edition magazine.

Do you have any recommendations or advice to give other students?

Do not be scared to go for your dream job, chances are they will have some sort of internship programme or work experience availability. Take your time at university as an opportunity to learn and try out potential careers. Whilst this wasn’t my chosen profession, journalism is something I could never see myself doing, I loved every minute of it.

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