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Susan Peattie

BA (Hons) French and Spanish

I thoroughly enjoyed my course at the University of Stirling because as well as learning the languages, the cultural part of the course covered France and Spain's history I also learned about aspects of modern day life which was very interesting. There was a wide variety of books used and further reading recommended. I found the ability to have a year abroad between years 2 and 3 very beneficial and this improved my confidence immensely.

After my graduation, I started work as a Kindergarten Teacher in Kazakhstan in August. Whilst having a language degree was instrumental in getting the job, I thought I would not get to use my language skills. However, there is a large French expat population in Kazakhstan and I taught three French boys in my class. Although I only spoke to them in English because they were in the school to learn English, being able to understand them helped them to settle very quickly and not feel isolated or frustrated at not being able to communicate. Also, when French parents came to visit the school I was often required show them round and answer questions. The local primary school also taught French, so I also did some private tuition for a few children at the weekend to reinforce what they have learnt and build up their confidence speaking and writing.

Now, in July 2013, after enjoying two years in Kazakhstan, I am moving to Vsetin in the Czech Republic, a small town in the mountains near the Slovak boarder.  In my new job I will be teaching English to teenagers preparing for university and Business English within local companies.

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