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Sarah Anderson

MLitt The Gothic Imagination

Before coming to Stirling I had never even thought of studying Gothic literature. But once I had spoken to lecturers Dale and Glennis, I couldn’t resist coming to a department that was so friendly, quirky and willing to help me pursue my own research interests. 

The thing to remember about a Masters is, it’s not all about the classes. (Although those were awesome, obviously – and made particularly so by the selection of yummy biscuits which were always on offer!) It’s also about the people you study with.

We spent many hours planning ridiculous and wonderful activities; including making papier-mâché castles and organising Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-alongs. Admittedly we didn’t ever get round to doing most of these things – which is probably for the best...

I have never felt so confident and happy in my academic work – and a lot of that is down to the support of my tutors, who were always happy to help cultivate my academic style and research interests. 

A postgraduate course is only ever what you make it, but studying the Gothic at Stirling has the potential to make it awesome, as you immerse yourself in the activities of the Department. For example, the Gothic MLitts can contribute to the Gothic Imagination website, which is a great experience.

I really felt like I was part of the academic world during my time here and feel more than ready now to continue on to my PhD.

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