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Samantha Brookman

BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies

I work in the television industry and my career is directly due to my having studied Film and Media at Stirling; indeed, my teachers got me my first job at Channel 4. I have now worked in television for 10 years, starting as a runner and progressing to becoming a Production Manager. I have worked on The Apprentice, Top Gear, Ready Steady Cook and many other TV shows, and I have also travelled to Jordan to work on a feature film. All-in-all it is a varied and exciting career.

I currently live in Australia and work on a television show called Better Homes and Gardens. On a daily basis I am setting up shoots around the world. For example, this week I sent a crew of 10 to Singapore to film cooking, animal and gardening segments.

I was initially attracted to Stirling because of how picturesque it was. Whilst studying there I loved the feeling of being part of a community and everyone getting to know each other. I also liked the fact that all the facilities, amenities and entertainment options were in close proximity.

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