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Ryan Gawn

BA (Hons) Politics

I had the good fortune to arrive at Stirling just as the Scottish Parliament was in the process of being set up and was therefore able to share in a vibrant political scene. I was able to get involved with numerous clubs and societies as well as the student union, and my interest in politics was ignited. I made friends with international students and spent a semester abroad on exchange in Stockholm - this opened my eyes to international affairs, a field in which I now work.

I am currently a Director of Stratagem International, an international public affairs consultancy which I set up with my business partner a few years ago. We work around the world in complex political environments, helping clients to understand, engage and influence. I am currently based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Prior to this I worked as a Director for Penn Schoen Berland, a research based strategic communications consultancy, and as a Regional Manager for the Peace Dividend Trust, an economic development project in Afghanistan. I have also worked for Save the Children UK as an International External Relations Co-ordinator. In addition I have been a Deployable Civilian Expert for the Government’s Stabilisation Unit, and have also worked on various projects with the Department for International Development, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Council and the European Parliament. In 2005 I worked for the United Nations in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. 

Stirling is unique – it is a perfect place to flourish if you invest in the student life and really throw yourself into it.  There is a high degree of contact with tutors and lecturers, and I experienced real personalised attention and support.  You won’t be just a number as you might be at larger universities; your professors will know you by name, and if you apply yourself, they will support you to be your best.

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