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Paul Addison

BA (Hons) French and Spanish

The Languages department at the University of Stirling in second to none in terms of the way it helps individuals realise their potential and there is most certainly a sense of community among the staff and students unlike any other academic institution I've seen. Going to University was a huge step for me having coming from a very small town and the way in which the staff at Stirling made me feel welcome and helped develop my academic abilities on a one-on-one basis allowed me to realise my potential and develop throughout my studies. Every lecturer and teaching assistant knew his/her students on a first name basis and their doors were always open to provide extra support and guidance to help students reach the goals that they had set themselves. Whilst the University of Stirling fosters and independent learning experience, the way in which the Languages department helped to foster a community with its staff and students created an extremely positive experience for everyone involved.

After graduating I moved in to the world of International Recruitment where I was required to headhunt for Finance and Accountancy organisations around the world. I was able to utilise my language skills and conduct interviews and skills assessments with individuals from Europe and beyond and successfully link up people with jobs around the world. I have since moved into the Welfare to Work industry where I assist overseas nationals living in Scotland with job seeking skills including CV building, interview techniques and job sustainability methods. I get a huge sense of achievement in my current role and the skills I gained at university have been pivotal in helping me to achieve this. I am still in contact with many of the students I studied alongside at the University of Stirling in addition to the lecturers who made my learning experience so positive.

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