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Olive Huang

MLitt in Publishing Studies and International Publishing Management

Once I graduated from university, I worked for two years as an editorial assistant for a publisher in my hometown in China, before planning the next step of my career. I applied to do my MSc at Stirling but did not realise at the time that it would completely change my life for the next year.  

Before I came to Stirling, my everyday work was sitting in my small cubicle, dealing with routine editorial stuff: countless manuscripts and slush piles. However this Programme has helped me to jump outside the box and see the bigger publishing industry picture.

The MSc focuses on practical skills training through case studies that require students to create solutions, both independently and through teamwork. The solutions draw on the students’  growing knowledge of financial management, list building, profit and loss evaluation, rights trade and digital publishing.

By combining theory and practice, doing research and taking part in team discussions, we got a better understanding of what was being taught. Though the course students come from different nations and backgrounds, most have worked in the publishing field and sharing our work experiences helped us to form a global insight.

Now that I have returned to my original job, I am inspired to generate new ideas. In fact, I based my final MSc research case study on my present organisation, identifying its business problems and proposing solutions. So I believe the skills I learned at Stirling will be very useful to my future work.

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