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Olive Alexander

BA History

I am an academic with the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand where I teach business law on both the diploma and degree programmes.  I moved into academia after a successful ten-year career in legal practice in Scotland.

I decided fairly early on during my degree at Stirling that I wanted to pursue a career in law; I had always been interested in law but was unsure whether I would manage to cope with a law degree, however, the courses I took at Stirling confirmed my interest and ability in legal studies, and after graduating I completed an LLB at Aberdeen University.

I would advise students today to get the most out of their degree by taking as wide a range of subjects as their degree permits.  University is a chance to broaden your education and I feel that having taken a very general arts degree where I took history, psychology, fine art, music, religious studies and sociology, as well as my law and accounting subjects, I came out with a very broad degree but one that has given me much pleasure over the years. 

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