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Mark O'Hagan

BA (Hons) French

I began my undergraduate degree in 2004 at Stirling. Although I am of British/American nationality, I was raised in the multilingual surroundings of Luxembourg and developed an interest in languages from a young age. I enjoyed the diversity of the different modules that were available (i.e. transatlantic cinema and post-colonial literature). The staff also offered a high level of guidance throughout my course and were very approachable. 

Upon completion of my BA French I undertook an MSc TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2008. Previously, I had taught young learners as part of an immersion programme in Luxembourg during the summer months. While it was challenging at times, it appealed to me and I liked the fact that it was flexible in allowing me the option of teaching abroad. I found that this course provided an excellent balance of practical and theoretical skills which have proved to be invaluable in the classroom and also from a research perspective.

In 2010, I returned to Luxembourg and searched online for teaching posts. I had a number of interviews and the opportunity to work in Saudi and Malaysia. However, I chose to stay in Luxembourg as I found that the quality of life and culture were more to my liking. 

I worked at Berlitz Luxembourg for two years where I mainly taught business English to adults. After a conversation with one of my students, I discovered that with a law degree, in combination with my previous qualifications, I could work as a lawyer linguist (legal translator) at the European Court of Justice.

I began a GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) online in 2012 and towards the end of the year my application for a proofreading position at the court was accepted. I completed my law degree in 2013 and intend on applying for a lawyer linguist position next year.

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