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Laura Kremmel

MLitt in Gothic Imagination

Stirling’s Gothic Imagination Programme is known to be one of the best and is taught by Glennis Byron and Dale Townsend, two of the most knowledgeable scholars in this field. The Mlitt course takes you through the history of Gothic literature, right up to the present and its tight-knit student groups benefit from in-depth modules, one-on-one meetings, Gothic outings and the fun and informal Gothic reading group.

Our tutors made the environment both intensive and nurturing. So that discussing the details of The Monk or American Psycho over coffee and biscuits became the standard class format, balancing the lecture with discussion of texts and ideas.

Now that I’ve returned to the US and am doing a PhD in English, I often contact both my fellow students and professors at Stirling for advice, recommendations, and to continue my connection with Gothic studies. They are always eager to reply to my emails and still help me, even though I am no longer their student. 

I attended the recent IGA conference – not really as a representative of my current institution, but as an adopted Stirling student and I felt right at home with my old friends and instructors.

The experience made me understand how significant Stirling has been in the progress of Gothic studies, simply by the reputation it has in that field and the number of conference participants. Clearly, the Programme has made a lasting impression on me and on the subject I study! 

The connections and friends I’ve made at Stirling will prove invaluable for my future studies in the Gothic, while giving me a core knowledge and understanding of the field that my current institution could never provide. It seems that, even though I have left Stirling, it will always feel a little like home.

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