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Kristina Auxtova

BA (Hons) Intercultural Management and Intercultural Studies

I chose French as part of my degree at the University of Stirling because I’ve always been passionate about languages and wanted to continue improving. And it was a great choice.

The Language department was very helpful and always took great care of its students. I really enjoyed the entire course. The classes were small and so gave everyone the opportunity to participate and actively learn every day. The content also showed a great variety: from cinema (one of the strongest points here in Stirling) to literature, history and art of France and Quebec alike, to conversation, grammar and translation classes.

And of course, these were brought alive and made challenging, fun and interesting by our brilliant and very inspiring teachers and professors.

But we didn’t just learn in the classroom. We all got a hands-on experience living in a Francophone country. I spent a year as a language assistant in the south of France and currently I’m in Strasbourg doing my Master Grande Ecole, which forms part of the Stirling double degree in International Management and Intercultural Studies. In such an international city like Strasbourg, I got to make lots of friends from all over the world and discover their cultures. Not forgetting the specific Alsatian culture that I got to know especially thanks to a programme called Jeunes Ambassadeurs d’Alsace, that EM (Ecole de Management) offered us with the aim of creating links between Alsace and our countries. Now almost at the end of my studies, I am writing my master’s dissertation, doing an internship in a small company in Strasbourg and looking forward to what the future holds.

The University of Stirling gave me everything I needed to succeed and I really appreciate all the help I was given. So, if you’re looking for an exciting yet challenging course with opportunities to work and study abroad, I would highly recommend choosing Stirling.

And why not take Spanish along for a joint degree and go to Chile for a semester as well? 

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