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Kevin Condron

BA (Hons) History

Since graduating from Stirling I have spent the majority of my time working for IBM, to whom I applied as part of my final year job search.  I have had a number of roles across the organisation, starting in HR before moving into Marketing.  My Marketing roles have covered a wide range of areas: hardware, software, services, and new product launches, all focusing on specific industries.  I have also had the chance to work at UK, European and worldwide levels.

Currently I am based in the UK but my job covers all of Europe.  I am responsible for the marketing of two of IBM’s main hardware products across Europe with a revenue target of about $700m.  I also manage a team of UK-based marketers who have responsibilities at both a European and worldwide level.

Although I am now involved in a Marketing role, I began my career in HR because I felt that the management skills I had acquired whilst at Stirling provided a good foundation upon which to build.  During my time at Stirling I was Secretary of the Football Club, President of the Sports Union, Honorary President of the University and a Student Sub-warden.  I found a lot of confidence at Stirling, and would urge all students to become as involved as possible in university life.

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