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Kerry Douglas

BA (Hons) Politics

I am based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, where I work as a Business Improvement Specialist for BAE Systems Australia. My role involves investigating the way in which the Aerospace business conducts its projects, and identifying areas for potential improvement. Currently I am looking specifically at project control processes and practices across our aircraft maintenance projects to ensure that they are as effective as possible in terms of the processes, people and tools we are utilising. Additionally, I am involved in reporting the business’s performance to the Senior Management Team, as well as developing and maintaining metrics to demonstrate how the business is performing across all areas.

I started work with BAE Systems as a member of the Project Management Development Scheme immediately after graduating from Stirling. This was a five-year structured graduate development programme where I moved round the company to undertake various project management roles, whilst also undertaking further professional development to supplement my practical experience. In 2011 I was afforded the opportunity to move to Australia with the firm to work on some major projects there. I spent a year in Melbourne working in the maritime business as a Cost and Schedule Analyst, before moving on to work in my current position as a Business Improvement Specialist. I plan to return to the UK next year and continue my career path within BAE Systems UK.

Graduating with a first-class honours degree undoubtedly put me in an excellent position to enter the job market, but the careers service at Stirling really helped me to focus on what areas of industry I thought I wanted to work in, as initially I had no idea. I started to make use of the careers service at the start of my final year, and they helped me to think about things in a broader context, rather than get caught up in what specific job I wanted to do. They encouraged me to think about my personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences to begin with, which I was then able to match against particular industries. Over time I was able to narrow down my career search which made finding a job at the end of University much more achievable.

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