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Julie Birrell

BA (Hons) French and Spanish

I graduated from the University in 2010 and I had a wonderful four years studying French and Spanish. I was able to live, work and study in France and Spain as well as further afield. 

The opportunities that came from studying languages were incredible and I count myself extremely lucky that I was able to travel to different places and use my language skills first hand.

The course modules were varied, from learning about different Francophone cultures to analyzing films and books and I think it was this variation that kept the course so interesting.

I spent my semester abroad in Spain where I studied at the local University. It was so exciting to be immersed fully in the Spanish culture and to experience studying in a country that was completely different from Scotland.

As my time at Stirling was coming to an end, I got the opportunity to go to Quebec to work as a Language Assistant in a primary school.  The French that is spoken there is completely different to the French we were learning back home but again this contrast and variation is what makes studying languages so interesting.

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