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Jennifer Docherty

BA (Hons) Film and Media

Since graduating from Stirling with my degree in Film and Media I have been employed in the TV and film industry in various roles. I currently work on the production team for Weta Digital, a visual effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand. My job involves scheduling, tracking and planning shots and assets through the vfx pipeline; liaising with all departments and producers to ensure we make timely delivery on work; and also communicating with the artists within my own department to make sure they have an understanding of the work required.

I was attracted to study Film and Media at Stirling after speaking to several successful people in the media industry who had all studied there. Also, the film course included video production which no other university in Scotland offered at the time. Studying for my degree at Stirling helped me to understand both the practice and theory of making movies; it also improved my confidence in working in teams and social speaking.

I enjoyed the study/life balance at the University of Stirling; every year, due to the flexibility of the timetable, I managed to organise my tutorials and lectures around a four-day week, leaving a full day for study.

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