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Jacques Chezeaud

BA (Hons) French

The individualised approach to study and personal development that I experienced during my time at Stirling ensured that my years there were a time of growth and enrichment from an intellectual and human point of view.  Through the micro set-up of the tutorials I was encouraged to both ask and reply to searching questions, this not only developed my interpersonal skills, but has resulted in the creation of lasting links with my tutors.

After graduating from Stirling I embarked on a highly successful and progressive career in teaching in various Scottish schools.  Beginning as a teacher of French and English at Biggar High School and St Mary’s Academy, I then rose through the ranks to become Principal Teacher of Modern Languages at Our Lady’s High School, then Depute Rector at both St Columba’s High School and St David’s High School.  My career culminated in my being appointed Rector of St Joseph’s College in Dumfries, a position from which I have now retired.  I am currently training to be a deacon for the Catholic Church in France.  The interpersonal and other skills that I first developed at Stirling, and subsequently enhanced throughout my career, are proving to be most useful to the community I am now involved with.

Before I was a teacher I worked in the wine trade and therefore had experience in the world of commerce; whilst I was a teacher I joined professional associations and undertook to be involved in various committees at both member and executive level.  I would therefore advise students today to gain experience outwith the academic world: do something entirely different from what you have been used to, and acquire transferable skills.

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