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Gail Clark

MSc Translation Studies with TESOL

I began my undergraduate studies at Stirling with the intention of having a career in freelance translation. So the MRes in Translation Studies was a natural progression towards achieving that aim.

The past year has been fantastic. The course is incredibly flexible, allowing students to choose their materials and really gear their portfolio towards their own areas of interest.  I’ve learned a huge amount over the past year, thanks to a team of incredibly supportive teaching staff. Their feedback and advice have been invaluable and I’ve always felt that they want me to succeed in my ambitions.

The translation modules run in parallel with an Arts module, which is designed to give students practical tools for employment or further study.  It complements the translation modules perfectly, as I attended workshops and lectures which allowed me to build upon my knowledge and had the opportunity to network with other students and professionals in translation.

I’ve completed my course; not only with new and better translation skills but also with an understanding about what I enjoy most about translation. It’s a course which really works for you – and while it’s hard work and fast paced, it is completely enjoyable. I’ve met lots of people along the way and I now feel prepared and confident to step out into my new career!

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