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Mrs Eunice Skinner

MSc Film and Media Studies

As an undergraduate I remember my time spent in this department with fond memories.

2011-2013 On first year of my Masters in Education, was invited back to the 'Faculty of Arts and Humanities' as a member of a the steering group to support the organisation of the new student photographic competition:

Originally a student from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, influenced by the engagement in the variety of disciplines learnt from the modules on offer.

A department where staff and students alike immersed ourselves in the fabric and diversity of the programmes offered, this strengthened by the power of the teaching by the enthusiastic and dedicated departmental staff. Who also supported us well throughout our time in the department and made learning for us a pleasure and fun through, creative well thought out interactive lectures.

Course contents reflect the full interdisciplinary of the contemporary study in the arts and humanities, with the inclusion of a full selection of module titles from extended related fields, all of which provokes the creativity and the artist in us all.

Thank you for the memories.

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