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Elaine Cameron

BA (Hons) French

I am currently a Director with Burston-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications firm. In the last three years of my 15 year tenure I have built a solid reputation as Burston-Marsteller’s Futurist by focusing on global trends.  Based in London, but working across the whole European, Middle Eastern and African network. I write speeches, articles and presentations for myself and for the EMEA CEO on global communication trends and I have a large input on all thought leadership and marketing initiatives.

I would describe my current role in strategic research and trend analysis as my ‘dream job’ as it combines curiosity, reading, analysis and writing; all of these skills were  honed during my time at Stirling under the tutelage of some very inspiring lecturers and tutors.

After completing my degree at Stirling, I initially lived and worked in France, however the nature of my degree has little to do with the job I do now.  I think that this is probably true of most non-vocational degree courses: the university experience has much more to do with cultivating curiosity and an analytical mind.  I would therefore advise students to read everything they can lay their hands on, make connections and get involved in as much extra-curricular activity as they possibly can.

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