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Claire Wright

Combined Honours International Management and Intercultural Studies - Stirling Master Grande Ecole international and European business - EM Strasbourg

Claire 's Story

Claire Wright is today celebrating graduating with combined honours in International Management and Intercultural Studies and raising a toast to a sparkling future after landing a job as, Commercial Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand for France’s largest wine producer and exporter, Les Grands Chais de France.

The 23-year-old, originally from Wales, has spent the past year in Strasbourg completing the final months of her degree at Stirling’s partner institution, the Ecole de Management in Strasbourg.

“Towards the end of my studies in Strasbourg, I found a six month internship in the wine industry, focusing on the commercialisation of a large variety of French and foreign wines in New Zealand and Australia. I’ve always loved wine but I had never looked at it from a business perspective. I seemed to love this experience, so much so that I stayed. I was lucky enough to be offered a permanent job in the company with a prosperous career path. I never would have imagined myself living and working in France five years ago, but this is where my career has taken me and I couldn’t be happier.”

Claire has a thirst for languages and travelling and is fluent in French and Spanish. Whilst at Stirling, she was a member of the Spanish society and studied in Mexico for a semester.

“I helped out at some cultural events at the University including a language café that was part of the University’s International Festival. I always tried to make the most of my summers by squeezing in as much travel as I possibly could – inter-railing, camping trips to Italy, even a visit to Australia. My exchange abroad to Mexico also presented great travel opportunities and allowed me to improve my Spanish greatly. I ended up extending my stay for a couple of months and flew to Guatemala, travelling back down to Mexico City by bus. My exchange to Mexico is by far my stand out moment from Stirling. It has got to be one of the most challenging yet fulfilling experiences I have ever had in my life.”  

Claire credits Stirling for granting her with the opportunities and flexibility to combine degrees and study abroad.

“Stirling is unique. My decision to pursue a combined degree with the option to have a fully funded masters from a very reputable management school along with great opportunities to travel abroad was a no brainer. There were no other universities offering this arrangement with the combined masters with such flexibility. Besides that, like most people, I fell in love with Stirling when I visited for the open day.”

Cristina Johnston, Programme Director for Stirling's International Management and Intercultural Studies partnership with Strasbourg describes Claire as: “A fantastic student and an asset to this degree programme who has embraced every opportunity to develop her knowledge and experience of languages and the international business context. Claire is a fantastic ambassador for Stirling and we wish her all the very best for her new career with Les Grands Chais de France. We look forward to following her progress over the years ahead.”

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