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Charmaine Fernandes

MSc International Publishing Management

While looking for suitable study options in the UK, I zeroed in on the University of Stirling, which offered various media related courses. Since my previous work experience was mainly in publishing, I opted for this recently introduced Programme.

When I arrived, I was quite surprised to find myself in a class of Chinese students. It felt a little awkward at first, being the only non-Chinese person; and I also had to cope with living by myself in a new country.

Some of my Chinese classmates had difficulties with the language and, like me, also had to get accustomed to their new environment. But I soon became close friends with several of them and didn’t feel lonely.

Living in the quiet Lyon Crescent student accommodation gave us the chance to meet students from other courses and, thanks to the supportive faculty, we made it through! Together we celebrated the Chinese New Year, and my new friends even taught me to make traditional pork dumplings.

The visit to the London Book Fair gave us a good idea of the trends and opportunities in the international publishing industry, while an exchange programme with the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg gave us the chance to meet and mix with German students of Publishing. For me, the day-long visit to Bamberg and a barbeque party organized by the German students were the highlights of the trip.

For my research paper, I came back to India to study and write on a human resource issue encountered by a magazine publishing company. The month-long break gave me a chance to apply what I learned in class to the expanding publishing industry in India.

My experience at Stirling was definitely life-changing – from living on my own, to learning about Chinese culture, to getting used to life in Scotland – it helped me believe in myself and taught me that impossible is nothing!

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