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Anne Gillingham

MRes in Historical Research

Having had such a positive experience whilst working towards the MRes in Historical Research, I had no hesitation about returning to the University of Stirling for doctoral study. The high quality and individually tailored skills training provided by the MRes was invaluable as a stepping-stone to a Research Degree in History.

As a researcher in the field of late 19C French History, I was able to take part in generic research skills training and enhance my existing abilities in French language studies. I also carried out archival research in Paris which allowed me access to vital primary source materials, as well as to an amazing cultural experience.

Equally important to me are the relationships I formed with my supervisor, other staff, and postgraduate students whilst studying for the MRes. Working in close consultation with my supervisor – who encouraged me and helped me to challenge myself throughout every step of the process – meant that I felt highly supported whilst also developing a real sense of ownership and expertise in my area of research.

Also, the wider postgraduate community at Stirling is not only an academically stimulating environment, but has been another important source of support. Having joined the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, I found that this was an ideal forum to present my research, exchange ideas and get to know my fellow students better.

Overall, undertaking the MRes was greatly rewarding and prepared me thoroughly for the rigours of doctoral research. The opportunity to stretch myself academically whilst developing the skills that allowed me to steer the course of my own learning and research has been invaluable to my current studies and will also lay the foundations for my future career.

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