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Mr Allan Freed

BA (Hons) Politics

After graduating in 2000 I spent two years in Montreal working in the voluntary sector before returning to the UK to join a multi-national fast moving consumable goods company in sales and marketing. After two years I transferred to Melbourne, Australia to become the regional CEO looking after the Australian and New Zealand markets. In 2009 I joined a strategy, leadership and strategic HR consulting company and relocated to the US for a short time before assuming the role of managing director of that business in Europe. I'm now a partner in that firm.

I developed and nurtured an appreciation for learning and ideas as a student at Stirling. My professional work since graduating has been focused on helping firms translate good ideas into value so the connection has been invaluable.

My encouragement to students studying now at Stirling:

1. Stretch beyond what is required in your learning
2. Be curious about the trends shaping your desired field of work
3. Invest time with clubs/societies/people that inspire your growth and give you an edge

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