South England

Lauren Ness
Student Recruitment Officer

I’m the Student Recruitment Officer for the South of England. I’m here to help applicants, parents, teachers, careers advisers and anyone interested in coming to university or studying in Scotland.  I run workshops on a range of topics including choosing and applying, personal statements, student life, to name a few, all of which can be tailored to the needs and age of your students.  I am regularly in the South of England and am more than happy to attend careers fairs.  Please get in touch if you would like to chat or have any questions.

If you would like to book an individual appointment with me, drop me an email and we can arrange an appointment over the phone or via a video call.
+44 (0) 1786 466695

Lauren Ness Student Recruitment Officer

Where can you meet me?

You can meet me at the following events, exhibitions or locations. I'm also more than happy to attend events that you are holding or meet for a 1-2-1 meeting.

Berkshire School Visits 1-2 February 2023
West Sussex School Visits 2-3 February 2023
Essex School Visits 7-9 February 2023
Salisbury School Visits 9-10 February 2023
Warwick School Visits 14 February 2023
Shrewsberry School Visits 15 February 2023
Buckinghamshire School Visits 22-23 February 2023
Bristol  UK Uni Search 1 March 2023 
Hampshire  School Visits  6-10 March 2023 
Jersey/Guernsey  School Visits  13-17 March 2023 
Brighton UCAS 14 March 2023
London  LAPS Careers Fair  15 March 2023 
Gloucestershire  School Visits  15 March 2023 
Surrey School Visits 20-21 March 2023
Bristol LAPS Careers Fair 22 March 2023
Suffolk  School Visits  23 March 2023 
Birmingham UK Uni Search 24 March 2023
London UCAS 27-28 March 2023
London School Visits 28 March 2023