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UCAS Clearing

UCAS Clearing will open on 5 July 2019 – but it's always smart to get a head start! Register your interest in Clearing 2019 now, and a member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible to walk you through your options.

What is Clearing for university?

Clearing is part of the UCAS application process for undergraduates. When you get your exam results, you may not meet the conditions of your Firm or Insurance course offers. Clearing gives you the chance to explore new options.

Once your exam results are available, you can see if you’re eligible for Clearing by checking UCAS Track.

You can use Clearing to find a place at university if:

  • you didn’t receive any offers
  • declined offers you did receive
  • didn’t meet the criteria for conditional offers
  • you applied after 30 June

Let us explain further.

Can you go through Clearing if you already have an offer?

No, you must be released from your offers by the universities you’ve already applied to before going through Clearing. You can certainly ask us the question, though – if you contact us and we make you a verbal offer over the phone, you can then request to be released from other universities’ offers.

If you meet and exceed the conditions of your conditional firm choice, you could used UCAS Adjustment to find a place on a University of Stirling course which requires higher grades.

What is Adjustment in UCAS?

UCAS Adjustment is for students who have done better than they expected in their exam results. If you’ve met and exceeded conditions for your conditional firm choice, you could potentially adjust to a course at the University of Stirling. See how you can apply to the University of Stirling through UCAS Adjustment.

Top 5 Clearing tips

Gemma Connell, one of our student recruitment officers tells you her top tips for getting through the UCAS Clearing process.

What is UCAS Adjustment 2019?

Exceeded the conditions of your Firm choice? You may be to apply to the University of Stirling through Adjustment.

UCAS Clearing A to Z

We're here to help you get your head around all the jargon around Clearing. 

Clearing experiences of Stirling students

Hear from some of our students who found coming to the University of Stirling through Clearing to be a simple, easy process and one of the best decisions they've made.

See more of our students' experiences with UCAS Clearing
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