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Accepting your offer

Applied through UCAS?

Once you’ve received decisions from all your university choices, and made your decision, you’ll need to reply to your offers. UCAS Track will show your personal deadline for replying to offers.

Firm and insurance choices

You need to decide which offers to accept as your firm choice and insurance choice. If your firm choice is unconditional, the place is yours and this is the course you’ll study. If your offer is conditional, the place is yours if you get the exam results you need or meet the offer conditions.

Your insurance choice is your back-up option if you don’t meet the required grades or conditions of your firm choice.

Remember to respond to your UCAS offer in good time to ensure your place isn’t declined by default. To decline an offer, you should also reply via UCAS.

Find out more about replying to your offers on UCAS.

Applied directly or via Common Application?

If you’re an international student and have applied direct or via the Common Application, you’ll need to respond to your offer directly to us via your My Portal account, or by email.

What next?

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Once you’ve accepted Stirling as your firm choice, you’ll be able to apply online for accommodation. We’ll guarantee you an offer of University-managed accommodation in your first year of study if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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Funding opportunities

You need to make arrangements for funding your studies. To ensure your funding is in place for the start of semester, we recommend you start this process from around April, or from when you accept your firm choice.

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