Making the Most of Masters toolkit

These are guides for those involved in implementing Collaborative Projects with Business (CPBs) in taught postgraduate courses.

  • Project Agreement Form: This is intended to facilitate a successful Collaborative Project with Business (CPB), and ensure that University of Stirling staff, students and business collaborators are provided with positive experiences as well as legal protection.  It agrees roles, responsibilities and project outcomes in advance of the CPB start date. Guidance is provided to identify when this form is needed and for its completion while the Appendix sets out the responsibilities of all stakeholders based on the principles of good practice.
  • Confidentiality Agreement Form: this form is an agreement between the student, the University and the business. If a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Intellectual Property Form is required, please contact the University Research and Enterprise Office.

Student visas

International students may hold a  visa. When a student with a visa undertakes a Collaborative Project with Business (CPB), the University must also ensure that it complies with the conditions of its visa sponsor licence.

The project must be an integral and assessed part of the course, as is the case with a CPB taken as an alternative to a University-based dissertation. If the CPB is not necessary for the student to gain their award, then the University cannot continue sponsorship of the student’s visa while they are on their CPB.

The University must continue its visa monitoring and reporting duties. The organisation must agree to monitor the attendance of the student and report any missed contacts to the University.


This toolkit has been developed based on the advice and guidance available at the time of publishing. All documents will contain a date indicating when last updated and published. Users of the toolkit should ensure that they are familiar with guidance and regulations in their own institution at that time and any Faculty requirements. All resources should be tailored to meet the requirements of individual programmes..

Where material is adapted due credit should be given to the original authors. Making the Most of Masters, by either maintaining the name, logos and watermarks or alternatively, by using the following text:

'This material has been adapted from resources produced by the Making the Most of Masters Project.'

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