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Undergraduate cost of living

Stirling has been named as the most affordable place to live in the UK (Lloyds Bank, 2017). On average, undergraduate students at Stirling spend between £6,000 and £9,000 a year (not including fees).

What are student living costs?

When planning your student budget, some basic costs should be taken into account, including rent, food and travel. The breakdown below shows the potential costs of living away from home – but remember, your actual spend will depend on your lifestyle.

 MonthlyTwo semesters
University accommodation rent*  £364-£706 £3,458-£6,710
Food (including toiletries) £180 £1,620
Leisure  £120  £1,080 
Clothing  £30  £270 
Books  £25  £225 
Phone  £35  £315 
Travel**  £35 £315
Total  £700-£996  £6,470-£9,282 

* Includes utilities, WiFi, bedding and bed linen, insurance, housekeeping assistance and 24/7 staff assistance
** This does not include any travel home
1. Based on consumer prices including rent. Source: Numbeo 2017

Living on a budget

Just because you’re choosing to study doesn’t mean you’ve got to fall into the cash-strapped student stereotype. There are plenty of ways to manage your money and stretch your finances to make sure you live comfortably while studying with us.

See our top tips

How will I meet my living costs?

Scottish and UK students

As well as financial support towards your tuition fees, you can apply to your relevant funding body for help with undergraduate living costs. The amount awarded depends upon your personal circumstances and household income. Financial support usually takes the form of student loans, grants or bursaries.

Find out more about University funding opportunities.

EU and International students

It is best to contact the relevant funding body or authority in your own country to find out more about any support they offer.

For any UK funding that may be accessible to you, please visit UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

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