Professor Shelley Lane - Visiting Student 1977-1978

Alumni Profile

What is your fondest memory of being a student at the University of Stirling?

I have too many fond memories of being a student at the University of Stirling to focus on just one.  I smile when I recall my friendships with the students who lived on the first floor of Geddes Court; together we attended events at the Macrobert, dashed across the link bridge at midnight to buy Cadbury bars, and stayed up late working on assignments, drinking tea, and talking about our boyfriends.  I also fondly recall my amazing "Northern Renaissance" and "Philosophy and Literature" courses; knowing my love of all things Tudor, instructor Felicity Riddy once tossed a book about Tudor art across the room and into my arms, and instructor Alasdair McCrae began his classes with the etymology of unusual words and phrases.

How did your university experience contribute to your current role?

I am currently the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education in the School of Arts & Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas.  One of my roles is to advise students who want to study abroad.  I tell students that living in a different culture than their own is a life-changing experience and I share stories about my 10 months at the University of Stirling.  I am a strong proponent of study abroad programs!

What advice would you give someone from your country considering the University of Stirling at present?

My advice would be to definitely study abroad at the University of Stirling!  While at Stirling, I discovered that I could be independent and that I actually had a degree of knowledge that I could share with others. I made friends with students of various cultures and learned that the "American way" isn't necessarily the one "right way." I would tell students who consider studying abroad to enrich their lives by enrolling at the University of Stirling

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