Kingsley Anyanwu - MSc Human Resource Management 2007

Alumni Profile

What is your fondest memory of being a student at the University of Stirling?

My fondest memory while at the University of Stirling would be the ease at which I was able to adapt to the new cultural setting. This is because at first when I arrived at the University from my country (Nigeria) I experienced culture shock because it was my first time abroad, but the University had in place a supportive system that aided easy adaptation to the system. I must say, I was home sick during my first three weeks in the UK but with the help of the university support staff I felt completely at ease and open to gaining a better appreciation of the new cultural setting. I enjoyed the rest of my time there.

How did your university experience contribute to your current role?

I am currently a HR Consultant in Nigeria and my experience at the University helped prepare me a great deal for this role. I left the university equipped not only with theoretical skill in HR Management, but also I gained an improved people skills (inclusiveness in diversity). Today, I deliver presentations for multi-national companies in Nigeria and I adapt with ease because of the knowledge gained from the university.        

What advice would you give someone from your country considering the University of Stirling at present?

The University of Stirling has it all. Located in a very wonderful city bestowed with strong history and lovely people. The University has experienced, enlightened and nice teaching and non teaching staff; condusive teaching venues with modern audio visual teaching aids. It also boast of a widely diverse student base and as an international student there is always ready support to help you adapt to the setting with lots of ease. Life within and outside the University can best be described as enchanting. So my advice to any Nigerian wishing to study at the University of Stirling will be for such individual to feel assured that the experience will better prepare you for both the formal and informal world.    

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