Severine Peyrichou - Visiting Student 2001-2002

Alumni Profile

What is your fondest memory of being a student at University of Stirling?

There are so many! Sitting at my desk in Alexander court looking at the Dumyat hill and hearing a faint sound of bagpipes on my first week is one of my favorites. Sitting in the pub with my Scottish flatmates. Learning to play golf on campus and hiking in the Highlands. Realizing that I could follow classes in an other language. Coming back to Stirling after winter break and thinking I'm home...  

How did your university experience contribute to your current role?

Living and studying in a different country made me realise that I wanted to work in international relations. I am now working for a government grant program, sending French students and scholars to the US. Having been an exchange student myself helps me to prepare my grantees for their experience. Of course it also helped to improve my English (and understanding of the Scottish accent)! It’s difficult to say exactly how this year at Stirling contributed to my current role, but I know that without this experience I probably wouldn’t be in this position.

What advice would you give someone from your country considering the University of Stirling at present?

Enjoy it! Discover the people and the culture, the history and all the fantastic outdoor opportunity. If you come as an exchange student, take the opportunity to choose classes you would not take at home. Join sports teams and societies to meet with Scottish students, get involved. You will probably experience homesickness and some sort of cultural shock, everyone does, but keep your mind open, accept all invitations and all shall be well. Stirling University is an amazing place to discover an amazing country!

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