Jing (Lily) Li - MSc Retail Management 2007

Alumni Profile

What is your fondest memory of being a student at the University of Stirling?

Stirling left me with the very first impression of the beautiful campus surroundings which is not often seen in China, the lake, bridge, greens, windy roads, kayaks in lakes and the wild animals as well. Then the facilities, such as the professional swimming pool, the gym center, the cinema, bookshop and etc. The last but the most important is the way to research and study guided by the professors, which encouraged more combination together with self-study and team work. The more you want and ask, the more you get and grasp.

How did your university experience contribute to your current role?

Retail is a field which gives people an image that the professional step-in skills are not needed. However if it concerns with strategy, commercial, activity and etc, it requires good knowledge plus on field experience. The vision and courage and many management skills are the keys to move on for a better performance.

I believe my experience in the University led me to retailing in Shanghai, not only by the Western countries retailing atmosphere, but also by the professional retail management knowledge. I can't say it instructed me everything, but truly with many methodologies, ways to think with a more broadened mind.

What advice would you give someone from your country considering the University of Stirling at present?

As long as the degree paper is not the only target, choose one field your really interested in, study hard and play hard. Open your eyes, beautiful Scottish nature and nice Scottish people will leave you with a deep impression, and studying at Stirling will provide you a valuable treasure even more.


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