Samuel Besigwa

MSc Disaster Interventions and Humanitarian Aid


Samuel Besigwa

Enrolling for the MSc Disaster Interventions and Humanitarian Aid is the best decision I have made and the most important opportunity in my life.

This course has adequately prepared me to intervene in all disaster situations. It has introduced me to key humanitarian aid concepts, theories, policies, and legislations. I have also been introduced to the major international and local humanitarian agencies and how they are coordinated.

This course has awakened me to the social, environmental, and human rights issues to be addressed in emergencies and post emergency situations. The Masters is taught by Prof. Lena Dominelli, one of the world’s leading scholars on Green social work. All the teaching staff on the course are very supportive and students have individual tutorials with them where needed. I would recommend this course to Social Workers, Social Scientists, Medical Practitioners as well as Development and Community workers who are interested in climate or environmental justice.

With the increasing uncertainty about the climate change crisis and other politically motivated disasters, this world needs more disaster and humanitarian workers trained at the graduate level. Humanitarian workers are needed in every stage of the disaster cycle. This one-year Masters is one of the few currently available in the whole world to fill this human resource gap. Congratulations University of Stirling for introducing this course.