Celine Breathnach

MSc International Business (Marketing)


The year I spent at the University of Stirling was both challenging and rewarding. Through the MSc International Business programme, I gained a wider view of business. I especially enjoyed the Responsible Business in Society module, because it shook some of my opinions and made me look at our consumption and the way we do business in a different way. The many presentations and group projects I took part in made me feel more confident and helped me build my communication skills. Last but not least: the dissertation. I enjoyed being able to develop such a project from start to finish. It allowed me to do some extensive research on a subject that I had chosen and seeing the final piece certainly gave me a great sense of achievement. On a more personal side, I liked the mixed cultural background, which made the programme feel really 'international'.

Overall, I think that I have gained a lot from studying in the International Business programme. I learnt many things, both on an academic and personal level. I believe that studying in the International Business programme at Stirling helped me build up some of the skills that I needed to land the job that I now hold and will hopefully help me further my career in the future.