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Travel and accommodation

This page will help you finalise your trip to the UK and your stay in Stirling.

Planning your travel

UK Border Force have issued guidance for international students arriving at airports this summer or autumn. Please keep information about the course you are studying in your hand luggage. This must be in paper copy (not an electronic copy on tablet or phone). For Tier 4 students this includes your university Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number.

You will be able to arrange most of your travel through a travel agent in your home country or via the internet (see the links at the end of this section). It is usually cheaper and more reliable to arrange as much of your journey in advance as you can.

Most students travelling to Stirling arrange to arrive at Glasgow or Edinburgh Airport, either by transfer flight from London or from outside the UK. You can usually book a transfer flight along with your main flight. You can also travel from London to Stirling by train or coach.

Key points to remember


Make your accommodation arrangements in a timely manner.


Book flights and onward travel from home if possible – it is usually cheaper than booking at short notice from the UK.


Book an Airport Collection or plan your travel from the airport to Stirling.


Book extra accommodation for anyone travelling with you, or if you are arriving early.


Arrange money/traveller's cheques for the first few days.

Getting to Stirling from Glasgow and Edinburgh airports

Driving to the University takes approximately 45 minutes from Edinburgh Airport, and around 50 minutes from Glasgow Airport. There are regular bus and train services, or you could get a taxi, although this will be expensive.

Note: Glasgow Prestwick Airport is not the same as Glasgow Airport. Glasgow Prestwick is another 40km (25miles) further away from Stirling than Glasgow Airport. There are regular trains from Prestwick Airport to central Glasgow.


Label all luggage clearly with your full name and the full name and address of the University of Stirling. When you arrive at a UK airport and have cleared Immigration Control, you must collect your luggage and pass through customs.

If you lose your luggage, inform the airport authorities at once. They will ask you to fill in some forms, which will begin a search.

Arranging your accommodation

Please make sure that you have finalised your accommodation before travelling to Stirling. If you arrive in Stirling with no accommodation arranged it may be difficult to find a suitable place to stay.

If you are staying in University accommodation you should have received information about making your application - please read this carefully.

Please visit the University accommodation pages for more information.

If you plan to live in private accommodation, the Residential Services Office can provide a list of available accommodation. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to view this and to pay for this accommodation directly with the landlord.

Travelling with relatives and friends

If a friend or relative is travelling with you to help you settle in, please remember to arrange accommodation for them. It may be difficult to find accommodation at short notice, especially in the days before the start of semester as many parents, friends and relatives come to Stirling with new students.

Residential Services can provide information about short term accommodation including Bed and Breakfast near campus - contact Bed and Breakfast accommodation usually means a room in a small guest house or hotel with breakfast provided. This can be cheaper than a major hotel.

Money for the first few days

We advise all students to open a bank account in the UK, but this will take at few days to arrange. You should make sure you have access to money to cover your needs for the first few days in the UK:

  • If you plan to use a non-UK credit card or bank card to make payments or withdraw cash, check with the card provider that there will be no problems with this.
  • If you plan to bring cash, consider bringing traveller's cheques instead. Cash is easily lost or stolen

Remember that there may be unexpected or emergency expenses (for example paying for accommodation in London if you miss a transfer flight) so you should budget to spend more than normal in the first few days. Anything you do not use can then be deposited into your UK account once it has been opened.

Travelling safely

Travel in the UK is generally safe but the following advice may help you:


Always use seatbelts where provided in cars, taxis and coaches.


Try not to carry large amounts of cash. If you do have a lot of cash do not draw attention to this fact and keep it out of sight. Carry valuable items in your hand luggage.


Do not accept offers of accommodation from agents who may approach you. Go instead to a tourist information office if you need accommodation. They will help you find somewhere to stay.


Make sure small valuable items (cash, purses, wallets, phones, jewellery) are secure, especially in busy places and on the London Underground.


If you are lost, ask a police officer or a member of staff from the transport services for help.

Travel insurance

Many students take out travel insurance before coming to the UK. A good travel insurance policy may provide compensation in the event of missed fights, lost luggage and other things that might go wrong on your trip. Your travel agent should be able to provide information.

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