Checklist for successful applicants

We can't wait to welcome you onto campus! To help you prepare for Stirling, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist outlining some of the most important things you'll need to do prior to your arrival.

Anika Zhang MSc Media and Management student


  • Apply for a passport / travel document if you do not have one
  • Make sure your passport / travel document is valid for at least six months and preferably for the duration of your time in the UK

Entry clearance (visa)

  • Check your CAS information – contact the University if there are any errors
  • Check that you have the original qualifications mentioned in the CAS
  • Check your financial information:
    • Do you have enough money to meet the visa requirements?
    • Do your documents meet the requirements?
  • Apply for your visa


  • Consider your insurance needs and ensure you have insurance for journey to the UK
  • Consider taking out insurance for health and personal possessions whilst you are in the UK (basic contents insurance is included with university accommodation; the National Health Service will provide basic health treatment).


  • If you are an EEA student – get an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home government
  • If you have an ongoing condition, discuss with your doctor and contact the University Medical Centre
  • If you take regular medication, arrange to bring enough to last you for the initial six weeks of semester until you have registered with a doctor
  • Bring details of any medication you take – including confirmation from your doctor that you need any prescriptions you are carrying

Travel arrangements

  • Book flights
  • Consider how you will get to Stirling from your arrival airport: book onward travel and overnight accommodation if needed
  • Book University of Stirling airport pick up if arriving Saturday / Sunday prior to the start of semester


  • Research accommodation options – University or private accommodation – and make booking
  • Book temporary accommodation for any friends or relatives who will travel with you
  • Book temporary accommodation if you will arrive before your main accommodation is ready

Finance and money

  • It's advisable to take a variety of payment methods with you when you travel, such as adequate cash GBP as well as credit cards to last you for at least two weeks
  • Contact your bank if you plan to use their credit/debit cards in the UK
  • Consider how you plan to pay your tuition fees (if appropriate) and basic living expenses until you have opened a UK bank account (should you wish to do so)

Packing and logistics

  • Pack a variety of clothing, so you can adapt to Scottish weather – dress in layers
  • Pack a few items from home, such as postcards, photographs, ornaments etc
  • If you plan to bring a laptop, check if it needs a transformer / adaptor
  • Label your luggage clearly with your UK address
  • Pack relevant documentation in your hand luggage, including evidence of your intended course of study, finance and planned accommodation
  • Make a list of contact information of your family and friends at home
  • Leave photocopies of all relevant documentation, such as your passport, with someone in your home country
  • If possible, scan or take a photo of all relevant documentation and email to yourself
  • Pack a small English dictionary, if you have one

Study preparations

  • Read any information provided by your tutors
  • Start pre-course reading from the book lists for your modules
  • Check the information at about UK study methods