Faculty welcome

As a Stirling student, you will now belong to one of our five academic Faculties. If you're unsure of which Faculty you are in please see the table below showing what subjects are taught in each of the Faculties.

Your Faculty will arrange a course-specific welcome session for you during your first few weeks at Stirling in order to answer your questions and give you a taste of what’s to come. Select your Faculty below to find out what has been planned for your course welcome activities.

Subject and Faculty details
Column one lists subjects and column two describes which Faculty the subject belongs to
Your subjectFaculty
Accountancy Stirling Management School
Accountancy and Finance Stirling Management School 
Advancing Practice Health Sciences and Sport
Animal Biology Natural Sciences
Applied Biological Sciences Natural Sciences 
Applied Mathematics Natural Sciences 
Aquaculture Natural Sciences 
Aquatic Pathobiology Natural Sciences
Aquatic Veterinary Studies Natural Sciences
Banking Stirling Management School
Behavioural Science for Management Stirling Management School 
Behavioural Decision Making for Finance Stirling Management School 
Big Data Natural Sciences
Biology Natural Sciences 
Business Stirling Management School
Business Computing Natural Sciences
Business Administration Stirling Management School
Cell Biology Natural Sciences
Computing Science Natural Sciences
Conservation Biology and Management Natural Sciences
Criminology and Social Policy Social Sciences
Criminology and Sociology Social Sciences 
Data Science Natural Sciences
Data Science for Business Stirling Management School 
Digital Media Arts and Humanities 
Diplomacy Arts and Humanities
Early Years Practice Health Visiting Health Sciences and Sport
Ecology Natural Sciences
Economics Stirling Management School 
Education Social Sciences
English Studies Arts and Humanities
Environmental Geography and Outdoor Education Natural Sciences
Environmental Management Natural Sciences
Environmental Sciences Natural Sciences
Environmental Science and Outdoor Education Natural Sciences
Film and Media Arts and Humanities
Finance Stirling Management School 
Financial Technology Natural Sciences 
French Arts and Humanities
Global Issues in Gerontology and Ageing Health Sciences and Sport
Geography - Environmental Geography Natural Sciences
Health Research Health Sciences and Sport
Health Sciences Health Sciences and Sport
Heritage and Tourism Arts and Humanities
History and Politics Arts and Humanities
Human Resource Management Stirling Management School
International Management with European Languages and Society Arts and Humanities
Investment Stirling Management School 
Journalism Arts and Humanities
Law Arts and Humanities
Literature and Languages (Postgraduate) Arts and Humanities
Management Stirling Management School
Marine Biology Natural Sciences 
Marketing Stirling Management School
Mathematics Natural Sciences 
Mathematics and Data Science Natural Sciences 
Media, Communications and Culture (Postgraduate) Arts and Humanities
Nursing - Adult and Mental Health Health Sciences and Sport
Philosophy Arts and Humanities
Politics, Philosophy and Economics Arts and Humanities
Public Health Health Sciences and Sport 
Psychology Natural Sciences
Psychology of Sport Health Sciences and Sport 
Religion Arts and Humanities
Retail Marketing Stirling Management School
Social Sciences Social Sciences
Social Work Social Sciences
Sociology and Social Policy Social Sciences
Software Development with Cyber Security Natural Sciences
Software Engineering Natural Sciences 
Spanish and Latin American studies Arts and Humanities
Sport Business Management Health Sciences and Sport
Sport Development and Coaching Health Sciences and Sport
Sport and Exercise Science Health Sciences and Sport 
Sport Management Health Sciences and Sport
Sport Performance Coaching Health Sciences and Sport 
Sport Psychology Health Sciences and Sport 
Sports Studies Health Sciences and Sport
Strategic Sustainable Business Stirling Management School 
Translating and Interpreting Arts and Humanities