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1. What is induction week and why is it important?

Induction week is a university-wide programme designed to help ease you into life at the University of Stirling. It is an opportunity to find out about the facilities available on campus, learn about relevant support services, join University clubs and societies and meet other new postgraduate students. It is a useful introduction to life at Stirling and will help you to settle into life at the University before you begin your programme of study.

2. Does induction apply to me as well?

Induction applies to all new students who are beginning classes at the University of Stirling however, it is obviously of more benefit to those students who are moving to the area from elsewhere and who are new to the University.

3. When am I expected to arrive at the University?

A full programme of events will begin on the first day of semester and most of the postgraduate taught programmes will begin teaching in that week. If you are moving away from home and will be living in University accommodation, we recommend that you plan to arrive on the weekend before. The start date of research programmes varies and should be discussed with the relevant division. View semester dates.

4. How do I get to Stirling?

Stirling is well linked to major cities in Scotland and is relatively easy to get to from other major cities in the UK. If you are an international student and flying to Scotland then please be aware that you can organise to be collected at the airport and taken to your accommodation. Read further information on airport collections or arriving by car or public transport.

5. Where should I go when I arrive on campus?

If you are living in a postgraduate residence we recommend that you go there as soon as you arrive. There will be plenty of time to explore the campus later.

6. How do I enrol and register for my classes?

Please note that all postgraduate students are required to complete online enrolment and postgraduate taught students will also be required to complete module registration.

7. When do I have to enrol by?

You should enrol before the start of your programme. Please note that if you are unable to arrive for the start of semester, you would need to seek permission from the University to arrive late. Please email with details of your request.

8. How do I pay my programme fees?

Payment of fees needs to be completed before you can complete your enrolment and become a student at the University of Stirling. There are a variety of which you can choose from.

9. I want to stay in postgraduate accommodation. How do I get an application form?

A link to the postgraduate accommodation form will be sent to you by the International and Postgraduate Admissions Office when you have accepted your place.

10. I am staying in postgraduate accommodation, how can I get information on travelling from my accommodation to the University?

Buses (UL, 54/54A and 63) run frequently from the University campus to the centre of Stirling and can drop students off en-route at John Forty’s Court.

Buses (54A and 58) to the local town of Bridge of Allan, where Lyon Crescent is located, run slightly less frequently than those to Stirling city centre.

This also includes details of the night service which operates on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

11. My family are dropping me off, we will have travelled a long way – where can they spend the night in Stirling and what can they do during their weekend in the area?

Stirling Court Hotel

Stirling Court Hotel (formerly Stirling Management Centre) is a three star hotel and conference centre located right here on the campus, just a short walk away from the residences, making us the ideal place to stay while dropping family off to University or visiting later in the year. We have fantastic off peak bed and breakfast rates available (our rates include free access to the university's swimming pool, gymnasium and campus grounds).

Destination Stirling

From boutique hotels to charming guest houses you can look forward to the warmest of welcomes here in Stirling. Find out more or book online at

We would advise you to book a place to stay before you arrive in Stirling, as several parents and friends may be planning to spend the weekend.

12. Can I bring a car onto campus?

Postgraduate students can bring a car onto campus however, you will be required to register your car and display a valid Parking Permit for that year (September to August) on the top or bottom left hand corner of your windscreen whenever the vehicle is driven or parked on Campus. Motorcyclists are not required to register their vehicle or display a Permit.

You can apply for a Car Parking permit at the Car Parking Office in the Cottrell building.

13. How can I find out about societies and sports clubs that I can join at the University of Stirling?

All students at the University are encouraged to join and participate in the societies and sports clubs that are run by our Student Union. At the Freshers fayre (week beginning 9 September) you will be able to get more information on the societies and sports clubs that are available and sign up for those that are of most interest to you. There is a popular society at the University called the Stirling Postgraduate Society.

14. Where can I get information on the resources available in the University Library?

Information on the library including details on joining the library, opening hours, a look at the A-Z of online resources and other useful information can be found on the Information Services website

15. I am an international student and am worried about opening a bank account in the UK. How do I do this?

As an international student it is expected that you will have lots of questions about living and studying in the UK. You should be able to find answers to most of your questions on our International web pages

From these pages you can send your query directly to our International Student Adviser who will be happy to get back to you with the information you need. Please have a look at the International Student Handbook (coming soon) which also contains lots of useful advice on studying and living in Britain.

16. How expensive are things in Stirling? Where can I find information on the cost of living?

The cost of living in Stirling is regarded as being lower than the cost of living in other major UK cities.

17. Where are the nearest supermarkets to campus and how do I get to them?

The nearest supermarkets to campus are Tesco and Sainsbury’s. There are other supermarkets in Stirling also but these are a little further away. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are located on the way into Stirling from the University campus and are therefore easily reached by bus. They are conveniently located for students staying in the city centre or living in John Forty’s Court. Somerfield supermarket is located in the nearby town of Bridge of Allan and is therefore easily accessible for students staying in Lyon Crescent.

18.Who should I contact if……?

I have a question about my application.

If you have any questions about your postgraduate application, please email Postgraduate Admissions Office. Their email address is

I want to know when my classes begin and would like information on my programme of study.

You should receive information about this during your programme induction in September, please contact the division where you’ll be studying to find out more about this.

I have a question about postgraduate accommodation.

If you have a question about postgraduate accommodation you should contact Residential Services and you can send them an email to:

I have questions about support for International students.

If you are an international student with a query, please email and someone will be happy to reply to you.

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