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Induction A-Z


Academic Advancement and Promotions Committee Guidelines

Guidelines can be found on the Advancement Guidelines 2018.

Academic dress

University of Stirling academic gown and hood.

Academic freedom (Ordinance 68, part I)

Guidance can be found here: Academic freedom

Academic Registry

Student Administration is responsible for managing the engagement of all students – undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research - with their academic programmes. This includes module registration, academic progression, academic awards and requests to interrupt study or to withdraw. They also manage administrative processes such as enrolment, setting of tuition fees, arrangements for examinations, including the scheduling and publication of the examination timetables, and the production of degree certificates and academic transcripts.


Information about accommodation can be found here.


Students can change their address via the portal. If you have problems, contact Student Services Hub.

Students in university accommodation cannot change their semester address (initially it may default to their home time address). This data is drawn from the Residential Services database and this is finalised late September. If the address is still inaccurate after this date, contact Accomodation services.

CONFIRMATION OF ADDRESS (eg for opening bank account, council tax)
Student Administration can issue a confirmation of a student's address (off campus)
Accommodation Services can do the same for Residential students.


Undergraduate Admissions (, x7044) and Postgraduate Admissions (, x6655) both based at 4B49, Cottrell Building

Student Recruitment and Admissions are responsible for:

  • Welcome letters / emails
  • First-week events timetable 
  • Questions about applications, change of degree programme for new students (pre-enrolment thereafter go to Advisor of Studies) 
  • Study Abroad enquiries

Adviser of Studies

See Academic Advancement and Promotions Committee Guidelines

Info about the Adviser of Studies scheme can be found here.


Information on the University’s appeals policy and details on who to contact for advice and support can be found here.


An ARUA is a formal record of reasonable adjustments which are recommended to support a disabled student. The ARUA does not disclose the nature of a student’s disability, simply the adjustments recommended by the Disability Adviser. More information about ARUA.

See also disability service entry.


See Student Learning Services entry for help with assignments

See TurnitinUK (assignment submission) entry for information on submitting assignments

See Appeals entry for information on appealing an assignment mark


Information on the University’s attendance policy and details on who to contact if you have been or will be absent from the university can be found here.


Bank details of the University

See the how to pay webpages.


There is a branch of Santander on the Stirling campus (Atrium area in Andrew Miller Building). 

Yellow pages listing for banks in Stirling

Bicycle/bike info

See cycling entry below


See booklists section on the welcome pages for booklist advice.

Books - borrowing from the Library

Students need to have their Student ID Card before they can borrow. See library website for information about borrowing.

Books - purchasing textbooks

New undergraduate students should buy textbooks only for their chosen modules.

Bullying and harassment

See Conduct entry

Bus pass

First Buses information on ticket types



Calendar (university)

Available from portal.

The University Calendar contains details of the University's governance and rules and regulations, together with the academic regulatory framework for learning, teaching and assessment. The Calendar also contains the University Charter, Statutes and Ordinances.


New students

Canvas, the system the university uses for your module materials, will be available from Monday 3 September. From that date, students will have Canvas access by the morning after they have completed the online enrolment process and have collected their student ID card. When the lecturer has published their module, they will be able to access module materials and sign up for seminars (if lecturer uses seminar sign up). Canvas can be accessed from portal home page, using the link on the left hand side of the screen and there is free Canvas app that can be downloaded.

Returning students

Will be able to access your Canvas modules from Modany 3 September (assuming they have completed enrolment).   Some lecturers may change the opening dates of their modules.  You can check your ‘future enrolments’ in Canvas by going to Modules > All Modules.  There they will see modules that they   are registered for but are not yet live in Canvas.  There will be an opening date listed for each module.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is the online home for your module materials.

You can use Canvas to do the following:

  • Access your module materials, including lecture recordings, online 24/7
  • Submit assignments
  • Access grades and feedback
  • Access your reading lists
  • View multimedia content and resources for learning outside of the lecture
  • Discuss and share ideas

For 24/7 Canvas support

Phone: +44 (0) 800 014 8776 (calls to this number are free from UK landlines and mobiles)

Chat – from the Help menu in Canvas


Car parking

Car Parking Office, Room 4.Z2, Cottrell Building , Tel: Ext: 01786 46(6065), E-mail:

Car Parking information for students in second year and above can be found in the Driving section of the uni Getting Here web page. Note in the Regulations the section concerning 1st year students and car parking:

  • 3.7 1st year students resident in accommodation on the Campus, are not permitted to bring 
    a car onto Campus or to apply for a Permit. The only exceptions to this are:
    a) if they hold an officially registered and current Blue Badge or 
    b) if they have been issued with a „temporary Blue Badge‟ by the University or
    c) if they qualify for an exemption to this rule and have obtained and displayed a valid 
    parking Permit upon production of the relevant Charge (where applicable).
    1st year students resident on Campus who are found to have flouted this regulation will be banned from bringing a car onto the Campus and applying for a Permit in their SUBSEQUENT academic year.

Disabled student car parking permit - see Disability.

Motorbikes don't require a permit unless they take up a whole parking space.

Student has paid: Parking to have a stand near Queens Court Reception for students to collect permits

Student has not paid: Need to go upstairs to the parking office

Careers guidance

For enquiries relating to careers and careers guidance speak to the Careers and Employability Service. 

You can visit the Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building for more information.

Catering on campus

There are a variety of catering outlets on the campus.

Both the University outlets and the Union are offering flexi meal deals - see Meals.

The MacRobert Cinema/Theatre also has a cafe bar.


If you have been asked by Admissions to bring in your certificates relating to qualifications, please take them to the Admissions office in Cottrell 4B49 or you can ask at Cottrell reception or the Hub who will They will contact Admissions staff for you.

Change address

See address.

Change degree programme

NEW UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS - if you have not completed enrolment, please contact Admissions. If you have already completed the enrolment process then you should contact the adviser of studies for the programme you wish to change onto for authorisation to make the change.  If authorised the adviser will notify student programmes who will update your central record.  Details of who to contact can be found on the undergraduate adviser pages.

CONTINUING YEAR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS - Please contact the adviser of study for the programme you want to change to. Details of who to contact can be found at on the undergraduate adviser pages. Student programmes can't transfer a student onto a new degree programme without authorisation from the relevant advisor of studies.

POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS – Please contact Graduate Admissions.

ALL STUDENTS - As a change of degree may require a change of module selections please note the deadline to change modules below.

Change modules

NEW STUDENTS – you cannot change your compulsory modules without changing your degree programme (see above) but if you would like to change your option modules you can do this yourself.

Please click on the link 'Change your Module Selection' via the portal in the 'Programme' section.
The system will bring up all the available modules that you can choose when you click on the 'module registration' link.

Following enrolment you can view your degree structure, and the modules available any semester, by clicking on the 'my degree programme table' link on the left hand side of the portal (the grey buttons).

Or you can click on the 'Academic history and module results' link via the portal in the 'My ...' section and the click on the blue 'degree programme table' link in the 'programme details' section. For students who have yet to enrol this information is under the 'my academic links tab'

CONTINUING STUDENTS - you cannot change your compulsory modules without changing your degree programme (see above) but if you would like to change your option modules you can do this yourself.

Please click on the link 'Change your Module Selection' via the portal in the 'Programme' section.
The system will bring up all the available modules that you can choose when you click on the 'module registration' link. You can also see the list of valid modules in your degree programme table.

Please take a look at your degree structure by clicking on the 'degree programme tables' link on the Portal.

The deadline to change or drop a module is before 5pm on Monday 24th September 2018. You change your modules via the portal.


Located just off the Atrium on way to the student union. Chaplains can help with distressed students. Chaplaincy web page.

Childcare costs

Student Support Services have some useful information relating to childcare costs.


Induction timetables

Teaching timetables

Clubs and societies

See the Students’ Union clubs and societies webpage for more information.


Information on the University’s complaints policy and details on who to contact for advice and support can be found here.

Computer - connect to network/internet

See Wi-Fi.

Computing Account

See Discovery.

Computing Labs

Location of computing labs:

• Library: levels 2, 3 and 4, 24/7 Study Zone

• Cottrell Building: Rooms 1A11, 1A13, 2A15, 2A17, 2A21, 2B41, 2B43, 2Y5, 2Y8,

• Pathfoot: Study Centre

More about computing labs 


The University’s Code of Student Discipline sets out the standard of behaviour we expect from all students at the University and can be viewed .

We also have ‘The little book of Academic Misconduct’ which tells you what it is and how to avoid it.

See also:

Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy for Students


Council Tax

Information about Council Tax is on the Student Administration section including how to apply for exemption. The Council Tax application form has 2 parts: the first part is completed by the student and returned to the Council, the second part will ask for the institution to fill in and stamp. This is not necessary for the councils below as the university sends these councils a list of students: Stirling, Falkirk, Clackmannanshire, Fife and Highland Councils. 


Student development and support services have a Counselling and Wellbeing team.

Please visit the Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building or email us or call 01786 466022 to get in touch.
Students can also speak to a Chaplain - Chaplaincy near Atrium. x7164


The main uni '' page has lots of information about cycling, including cycle routes, Cyclescheme for getting a new bike, Recyke-a-bike for cheap reconditioned bikes, locations of bike parking areas on campus.  Long term hire of bikes is also available via Recyke-a-bike.


Deferred exams

If you are unable to attend examinations at the date first set, or have taken ill or have been forced to leave before the completion of an examination, providing you have acceptable ground, you can defer your exam and take it at a later date. More information and guidance can be found here.

Degree regulations

The Academic Regulations webpage contain programme regulations and Degree Programme Tables.

Undergraduate Regulations

Postgraduate Taught Regulations

Postgraduate Research Regulations


See doctors/dentists below


If you have a disability and you are concerned about how this may affect your studies, the University has an Accessibility and Inclusion service within Student Support Services.

It's located in the Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building. Call 01786 466022 or email here.

This service can assist you with exam and coursework arrangements, access and parking, finance and other general advice and support.


See conduct.

Discovery (IT account)

IT Account discovery process

All students need to discover their Computing username and password by following the discovery process.

If you're off-campus, you should navigate to and follow the process to set up your account. You'll need your student number and date of birth.

If you're on-campus, you should log on to a lab computer with the username discover and the password discover. You should then read and accept the terms and conditions, before inputting your student number and date of birth. Then follow the process through and set your password.

Lost/forgotten username or password: Use the Option ‘Forgotten login’ at the portal login screen. This will allow you to retrieve your username or reset your password.

Error message: 'Account not found' or 'Account already discovered' contact the Information Centre. Please have your registration number handy. IC staff will check your ID and roll account back to discovery to allow you to rerun the discovery process.


The Airthrey Park Medical Centre is located behind Juniper Court on campus. It holds a doctors practice as well as a dental practice.

Information on medical registration during the first week of semester.

You don't need to register until you arrive on campus and are not obliged to register with the Airthrey Park Medical Centre - you can choose any doctor in Stirling.

Yellow pages listing of doctors in Stirling
Yellow pages listing of dentists in Stirling

Driving test webpage on learning to drive in the UK


Electrical testing of small items for residences

All eligible electrical equipment that you bring with you (i.e. stereos, phone chargers, hairdryers etc) should be Portable Appliance Tested (PAT).

If you are coming from outside the UK you should ensure all electrical equipment is compatible with the British national standard of 240V.

Email account

You will get your own student email account automatically as part of your network account. You are expected to check your student email account regularly. To forward your emails to a different email address follow these instructions.


Information on emergency procedures can be found here.

If you are taken ill or involved in an accident (or know someone who is) contact details of staff on campus to help can be found in the emergency section of the accommodation A-Z.


See Career Development Centre.


Students are required to complete administrative enrolment and where appropriate, module registration via the portal. Full instructions are on the Induction web site: 

Further information on enrolment.

Estates and Campus Services

See the Accomodation section for further information about student accommodation.

See car parking entry.

Exam dates

Information available here.

See also deferred exams entry

Exam marks

Examination marks will be available at scheduled times by accessing your ‘Academic History’ page on the Student Portal. Any student requiring evidence of their examination marks can request a formal transcript of their performance  from the University online shop.

Student Services Hub.

Exchange students

See study abroad.


F-Pass / Freshers week social events

ReFreshers is our way of welcoming you to Stirling, and to your Students' Union. 

Family programme


Parents of students at the university can register with Development and External Affairs to join the Family Programme scheme - they then get regular copies of 'Stirling Minds' magazine, e-newsletters, invitations to events.

Fax services

Students wishing to send a fax within the UK can go to Room 1A1 Graphics and Print Services to send a fax. (TO UK NUMBERS ONLY)

The local public libraries also offer faxing services.

Fees and finance

Enquiries about tuition fees: refer to Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building, or call 01786 466022.

For info about:

SAAS award letter - see SAAS below

Discretionary Funds - General info about student finances incl funding -  Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building.
See info under Loans about Student loans

First classes (academic)

Use the timetable generator link on the portal to find out the times of your core lectures for each module you are taking. The autumn semester timetable will be available mid August.

See timetable entry below for list of first classes (when available)

First week induction classes

See First Week Timetables

and Faculty inductions

Flexi meals

See meals.


Find out about sources of funding at the Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building or call 01786 466022.




Information about graduation 


See sport at Stirling entry



Halal food

See the information on specialist food shopping in the Welcome section.

Health and well-being

Health information for all students can be found through the university’s support and wellbeing web page

Health care information for international students can be found here.

See doctors/dentists

See Student Development and Support Services


ID card

An ID card is produced for all students who have completed online enrolment and uploaded a photograph via the Portal.  Your ID card is required for access to University facilities and you will need it to register your attendance for student loan purposes, use the Library and gain access to the computer network. Your student ID card remains valid for the length of your programme.
The Student Services Hub can handle any enquiries:

More information see Collecting your ID card.


  • PASSPORT (if you have one, please use this option.  The Uni is required by the government to check the immigration status of students so this is why a passport is requested). The ID check process is fastest with a passport (even an out of date one)
  • if you don't have a passport the ID check process will take a bit longer.  Please bring a birth certificate or driving license AND a bank card.

Lost ID cards
Replacement ID cards can be purchased via the Online-shop.


See: attendance


See the entry for international students

Income Office

The Income Office can be contacted between the hours of 9-5 Monday-Friday by


University Residences - All University of Stirling residences are covered by a block insurance policy, information on which can be found in the Accomodation A-Z entry for Insurance. You are advised to check that this policy is adequate for your needs.

More information can also be found through the Student Money Advice webpage on

Institute for Advanced Studies

The Institute for Advanced Studies is the hub of the University of Stirling’s postgraduate community.

International students

Student Immigration team

The Student Immigration team can help and advise on VISA and immigration issues.

Office: 2Z Cottrell Building (Student Services Hub)


Telephone: 01786 46 6652

International student first week timetables

Police registration

Some international students will be required to register with the local police.

Visa information for new students

Tips for students arriving in the UK to help speed up your journey through passport control.

Student Arrivals: 10 Top Tips


The University of Stirling Careers and employability is working with local companies to help Stirling students and graduates gain experience in the workplace through full-time paid internships

IT account

See: Discovery (IT account)

IT Support (Information Services (IS))

Information Services are responsible for IT support and Library services at the university. The main enquiry point is: the Information Centre, level 2 Library, 01786 467250 or email More information can also be found on their web page.

The University's Microsoft subscriptions now entitle all of our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students to free Microsoft Office software (Office 365 ProPlus) for the duration of your study at Stirling. More information here.



If you are looking for part time employment, Have a look at the employability pages which are administered by the careers service.


Key collection (residences)

See: Accommodation - moving in


Laundry facilities

Information about laundry facilities at the Residences are on their website.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence is a suspension of your studies and can be offered on compassionate/medical/financial grounds. See: leave of absence


Thinking of leaving - You may encounter academic or personal problems during your studies, which makes you think about leaving but there are plenty of people there to give you advice and support as quickly as possible, as well as making you aware of the alternative options that may be available to you. See: advice and support about leaving.


How to join - all students are automatically made members when they enrol. Your ID card doubles as your library card and you should take it with you when you go to borrow books.  The Library card also allows you to get through the Access gates, borrow books and logon to printers.

The IS induction (in your first week induction event timetable) will cover Library basics as well as IT.

Library questions can be referred to the information centre, Library.

Loans (student)

Information on student loans

When will I receive my student loan?

New students: If you have applied and received confirmation from the Student Loan Company that you will be receiving a loan, it will be paid into your bank account three to four working days after the day you have collected your ID card. Collection of your ID card is the last part of the enrolment process for new students. If you have not completed online administrative enrolment you will not be issued with your ID card and this may lead to a delay in the processing of your loan payment.

Continuing students: If you have applied and received confirmation from the Student Loan Company that you will be receiving a loan, it will be paid into your bank account three to four working days after the day you complete the online administrative enrolment process but no earlier than the first day of semester.

Lost property

The Lost Property office is located in Cottrell 4Z2, tel 01786 467102. Email:

Lost/forgotten username or password

Use the 'forgotten login' links on the portal login pages or contact the information centre on


MacRobert cinema


(available in print from Atrium desk and the Information Centre)

Campus Map

Cottrell floorplans

- see also 'Getting here' section of main uni site


See the eating and drinking web page re cashless cards / flexi meals



Module Registration is the process you use to choose the modules you want to study in your first semester. We recommend that you go through the process as early as possible and certainly try to complete it before arriving at University. If you require guidance on which modules to choose you should contact your Advisor of Studies.

To register you should log onto Click on the link for module registration and follow the instructions. You will have already been allocated the modules which are mandatory to your named degree and, if relevant, will at that point be asked to choose other modules you may wish to study. You may wish to discuss this with your personal tutor.

If you have any questions regarding completing the Module Registration process you should contact the Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building. You can also email or call 01786 466022.

Changing modules

If you need to change a module, you can do this yourself for the first month of the semester by following the link on your portal to 'Change your module selection' (in the Programme section on the portal home page)

change degree programme


See Fees and finance.


National Insurance Number

Information can be found on the 'Working in the UK' section of the site.

Nursing students

The University is responsible for the teaching of nurses in the Forth Valley, as well as in Stirling. In Aug 2017 our other Campuses in Inverness and Western Isles transferred to University of Highlands and Islands. More information for Nursing students here.

NUS Extra cards

on sale in Atrium over first week, thereafter ask at Student Union


Official document to confirm student status

Q: Where can I get an official document confirming my student status?

A: Certificate of enrolment can be collected from the Student Services Hub.

Online shop

The University of Stirling’s Online Shop offers a convenient way to pay for products, services and events using a secure online payment system. More information here.


Parents and guardians

Click here for more information and guidance for parents and guardians

Click here for information on Third Party Disclosures

Password - lost

Use the 'forgotten login' links on the portal login pages or contact the information centre.

Peer mentor (STEER mentors)

See STEER mentors entry

Personal tutor

As part of the Transforming the Student Experience (TSE) project all students will be allocated a personal tutor.


A copier will be provided in Pathfoot during the ID card pickup event for the purposes of copying passports and visas (international students).

Thereafter photocopying can be done in the Library or student print suites near to the computing labs. More information.


The University uses Turnitin to prevent plagiarism. More information and guidance on how to avoid plagiarism can be found here.

Police Registration

Do I need to register with the police?
If your visa includes the words “register with police within 7 days” or “police registration within 7 days ” or similar then you need to register with the police.


The portal is your gateway to university web resources and services.

After you've completed registration (picked up your ID card), your portal view will change from the pre-enrolment view to the full student portal view. If your portal view does not change within an hour or so after ID card pickup, please contact us on

Postgraduate study (Research)

Information for all postgraduate research students here.

Postgraduate study (Taught)

Information for all postgraduate taught students here.


New students have a free print allocation of £6. Your print account is attached to your network account and you can see your balance on the portal under 'print money balances' on the Resources tab. Thereafter printing is charged at 4p per side double sided or 5p per single sided sheet.

To add money to the account, use a Moneyloader (one in Atrium, one near Cottrell porters desk, one in Pathfoot G1). You can also top up your account on-line via the portal.

To print, you should send the job to print by selecting File/print in the relevant application (eg word, excel) then select \\studentprint\twosided or \\studentprint\onesided as appropriate then click ok. The print job will sit on a server until you release it at a printer. Log onto the printer with your student ID card, select print then highlight the print job you want to print and press the blue button.  The print job will come out of the printer. 

More about printing including locations of printers



The Library have a lot of information about referencing.

You can also make an appointment with your subject librarian if you need more help. Email us on

Also see student learning services entry

Registration (module)

Module Registration is the process you use to choose the modules you want to study in your first semester. All module selections must be made before arrival at the University.

Undergraduate registration and enrolment procedures.

Postgraduate registration and enrolment procedures.

If you have any questions regarding completing the Module Registration process you should contact the Student Programmes Team at

Rent payment

See advice on Accommodation Services and information on how to pay.

Residences network

All University buildings are Wi-Fi enabled. 

Information on setting up your devices is available on this web page.

Network sockets

The network sockets where present are not enabled.  If you need to use a network socket please contact the Information Centre on


SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) letters

Where do I hand in my SAAS Award Notice or Student Support Notification?

The University receives this information direct from SAAS and the Student Loan Company, so you do not need to hand these documents in, except if you have been granted a Part time fee grant. In this case please hand the appropriate documents in to the Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building, or post to Tuition Fees Section, Student Services Hub, 2Z Cottrell, University of Stirling, FK9 4LA


Personal safety

Information on staying staff on and off campus along with details of who to contact for more information and advice can be found here.

Fire safety

University’s fire safety induction video

Semester dates

See: Semester dates


The University has a smoke free policy for the protection of all employees, students, customers and visitors.  Smoking is prohibited throughout all university buildings, around entrances to buildings, within internal courtyards or in any University vehicle.  Smoking is also prohibited throughout all University managed accommodation, including individual study bedrooms. 

Social and nightlife

See: social and nightlife

Sports facilities

See: Sport at Stirling

You can take out your membership online. Follow the links on the Portal.

See: Memberships

STEER mentors (peer mentors)

STEER is a University-wide Student Peer Support Scheme providing Mentors or Buddies for any Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught student in their first year at the University of Stirling. More information about STEER.

Student Learning Services (SLS)

Student Learning Services offer workshops and drop-in  tutorials a which are designed to promote effective learning at University and support students in their academic work. All students are welcome to access the service. To contact Student Learning Services please e-mail More information can also be found on our web pages or on the Student Learning Services Succeed site.

Student Programmes Team

enquiries about module registration, changing modules. Located: 2Z Cottrell. ; tel x 01786 466022

Student Recruitment and Admissions

See: Admissions

Student Services Hub

The Hub brings lots of frequently used services together under one banner, meaning you #justask a range of queries through a single point of contact.

Some of the areas we can offer support for are:

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Money issues
  • Spiritual related
  • Careers information and guidance
  • Learning services
  • Making a payment to the University
  • Academic Registry for students
  • Study Abroad

Phone: 01786 466022
Location: Student Services Hub (2A1), Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building

Students' Union

See: Student representation

Study abroad

Office based at Admissions,4B64, Cottrell Building. Available during the First week at timetabled Study Abroad sessions. Thereafter Mon-Fri 9-5. Email:

Study Abroad: students who will be studying at Stirling for either the autumn semester or the full academic year. Often, these students refer to themselves as 'study abroad' students, although the University often refers to them as visiting / exchange students.

The enrolment process for Study Abroad students is more or less the same as for new undergraduates with one exception.

1) These students do not complete module registration online and cannot make changes to their modules online. The Study Abroad Office liaises with the Student Programmes Team to register these students for their chosen modules prior to arrival at Stirling. Enquiries should be referred to the Study Abroad Office.

First week timetable for study abroad students - will be posted here when ready

See: Study Abroad information for incoming students (including enrolment instructions / academic information / getting to Stirling (visa etc)

Study skills workshop

See: Student Learning Service (SLS)

Succeed access


Summer academic programme

Each summer, the University of Stirling offers the opportunity for full and part-time undergraduate students to take additional credit through the Summer Academic Programme, an accelerated semester delivered during June and July. More information here.


find information about supermarkets on and around campus on the Campus and the local area page.




Yellow pages taxi listing for Stirling

Safe Taxi Scheme - the university has a safe taxi scheme to make sure our students have the opportunity to get safely home even without any money.  Several taxi firms in the city are members of the scheme - all you have to do is show them your ID card/state your ID number and you'll get taken home at the uni's expense.  You can then pay the fare back to the uni at a later date. Find out more about the Safe Taxi Scheme.

Timetable - teaching (academic classes)

Use the timetable generator linked from your portal homepage to get the times of your core lectures for each module you're taking. Seminar /tutorial / lab sign up is arranged by your department. 

Blank timetable

Timetables - first week Induction events

See: Welcome

Tourist attractions

See: Life in Stirling and beyond

Transcripts (academic)

Transcripts can now be purchased via the University on-line shop.

Translation and interpreting

See: Online reference resources for Translation and Interpreting

Travel to the university

See: Getting here

TurnitinUK (assignment submission)

As a student you will use TurnitinUK to submit assignments and check assignment marks. The university uses this as a tool to detect and prevent plagiarism. 

Tutorial signup

New and returning undergraduate students - places for tutorial groups are allocated by academic depts and each have their own arrangements - some use Canvas, some use lists on notice boards, some hold sign up sessions. Check with relevant academic department. Academic departments contact details.

TV licensing

If you are bringing a TV to the campus or watching live TV on your laptop or any other device, you will need to buy a TV licence. See the TV licensing web page for more info. 

What will happen if I don't have a TV licence? 

It is a criminal offence to watch 'live' television without a TV licence or to posses or control a device which you know or reasonably believe will be used to watch 'live' TV without a TV licence. You could be prosecuted and fined up to £1000 (plus be ordered to pay legal costs) for these offences. 


A recent change in the law now means that in addition to having a TV licence for watching BBC on a television you are also now required to have a licence to watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer. TV licensing have published useful information specifically aimed at students who use BBC iPlayer.

Where can I buy a TV licence or get more details? 

To buy a TV licence or to obtain further information about licensing requirements call TV Licensing on 0870 241 5590 or visit their website.



Union (Student)

See: Students Union

University contact details

See: Contact Us

Username - lost

contact the information centre.


VISA / Immigration problems

See: international students.


Speak to a careers advisor.


The UK Government is introducing Individual Electoral Registration for 2015, which means students will now have to register individually at their place of study in order to vote there on Election Day. To register and find out more about voting in Scotland visit for information about voting in other parts of the United Kingdom visit




New students will receive instructions on how to access the University Portal.  The University will communicate to you via the portal, at some stage during the application process you will also gain access to your University email address.  Please make sure you are checking your portal and student email. Please visit the online welcome pages for more information.

Western Isles campus

See: Highland and Western Isles A-Z

See also: Nursing students

WiFi network

WiFi is available free of charge to staff and students throughout the Stirling campus. Please see our instructions for configuring your device to access eduroam.

Withdrawing from the University

See: Thinking about leaving


Yellow pages listing of churches in Stirling

Yellow pages listing of places of worship in Stirling

Stirling Islamic Centre



Young Scot card

The National Entitlement Card for young people is a free card for all young people aged 11-26, created by the Scottish Government, Young Scot, your local council and other organisations. Your card entitles you to discounts and offers on a range of shops, services and travel. See: YOUNG SCOT.

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